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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Inexpensive Ways to Spruce Up the Interior of a Property Rental

Property management in Palm Beach knows how frustrating the situation can be for homeowners who need to spruce up the inside of their rentals but don’t have a lot of cash. Luckily many property management companies in Palm Beach have a number of helpful, low budget tips for homeowners to use to get their rental looking like new again.

One way many property managers in Palm Beach spruce up rentals is by re-painting the inside. This does not necessarily mean repainting all of the walls. It can be as simple as re-painting kitchen cabinets and doors within the home. A fresh coat of paint can make a home look brand new.

Speaking of kitchen cabinets and doors, another low budget tip that many property managers in Palm Beach recommend is replacing small fixtures such as cabinets, door handles, and electrical switch plates if they are old. Switch plates can be as low as fifty cents each and door handles can be  as little as ten dollars. These minor improvements can bring additional elegance to a home.

Another low budget tip from property managers in Palm Beach is to add decor to the bathrooms. An example of this would be displaying a new shower curtain and decorative bath towels. This strategy, however, does not mean displaying toiletries such as toothpaste and hair supplies. Make sure the bathroom is clean and no personal items are present.

One other great tip from property managers in Palm Beach County is to tile the foyer. The foyer is the first inside impression of the home and nice flooring is a must. Tile flooring can be relatively inexpensive and can really add ambiance to a home. For more inexpensive tips to spruce up a rental, get in contact with a property management team in Palm Beach today.

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