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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

West Palm Beach Property Management Fees & Pricing

Every day your West Palm Beach property is not leased, you lose money. Hundreds of West Palm Beach homeowners and investors trust us to manage their West Palm Beach rental properties and to maximize the return on their investment. To them the cost of property management is worth the price. We help West Palm Beach property owners get market rent, avoid common mistakes and place quality tenants faster.

Our pricing is competitive with West Palm Beach property managers in the area, however with us, you benefit from the added value of 25 plus years of property management experience from the nation’s leading property management company.  We are professional and trustworthy which ensures our owners and tenants are satisfied.  In addition, we make sure our clients know what to expect up front, with no hidden fees or surprises. Our customers value the services we provide, for a fair price.

We have been with [Real Property Management Palm Beach County] since 2004 and from the moment I sat down with Marcus Phillips to discuss how they worked and what I could expect I have never been disappointed. When our unit needed to be rented they used all tools at their disposal to make that happen and I can say that they get the job done quickly.

Aside from the wonderful customer service and quick replies to any and all questions, they have a wonderful team of maintenance workers who do a excellent job when a repair is needed. This also keeps the costs down which I found out recently with a small dry wall repair. The property management that is caring for the main complex gave us an estimate that was significantly higher than [Real Property Management Palm Beach County] and we were told it might take a couple of months to complete. [Real Property Management Palm Beach County] did the estimate, repair and invoicing to in less than two weeks total.

They handle it all, from cranky tenants (never fun) to detailed reports on income and repairs. You will never regret using this company, and it’s my pleasure to recommend them to anyone.

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M. RoseReal Property Management Palm Beach County Client

Guaranteed Service

We are confident in the services we provide, that’s why we offer a 30 Day Guarantee. Real Property Management Palm Beach County guarantees an approved tenant applicant within 30 days of the property being rent-ready – or you pay nothing!

Other guarantees include 60 Day Risk Free Guarantee, Rent Payment Guarantee, and Eviction Protection Guarantee.

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