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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How Property Management in Palm Beach County Negotiate Leases

There are many benefits to choosing property management in West Palm Beach County. A large benefit is leasing. Homeowners have to search for tenants and then begin negotiation for the lease. A property management company will take that stress off the landlord by creating and signing the lease with the tenant.

One aspect of leasing is timing. The property manager will qualify the tenant, then they will start the process. Both the property management professional and prospective tenant need to be conscious of when and where to begin negotiations. The tenant needs to be comfortable for signing for the duration of the lease including when to move in and out of the West Palm Beach County property.

Another aspect of leasing is respect. Both the West Palm Beach County property manager and tenant need to negotiate with respect. Negotiations are a two way street. Both the property management company and tenant need to be willing to give and take in a way that is respectful to both parties. Other ways to show respect to both parties during negotiations is the wording of the lease.

Next, lease negotiations shouldn’t be only about the rent. Lower rent is a common variable in residential lease negotiations in West Palm Beach County. Although some tenants may ask for lower rent, there are a few other factors aside from lowering the rent that may help with negotiations. Options include lowering the security deposit, including utilities, and free parking.

Lastly, in order to protect the homeowner, property manager, and prospective tenant, everything should be in writing. Changes, along with any promises such as a lower security deposit or included utilities, should also be included in the lease. After all of the changes are made to the lease, both the property manager and tenant will initial and sign.