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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Property Management in Palm Beach Makes Finding the Perfect Tenant Easy

Property Management in West Palm Beach takes care of all the little things for you. One of the greatest aspects of hiring a property management company is how little work is left for the property owner. The companies are trained in finding tenants, signing leases, collecting rent and deposits, and eviction.

The first step property management in Palm Beach takes is finding the tenants. The initial point of contact is when a prospective tenant calls or emails for more information on a specific property. The property management employee will give the established deposit and rent prices for a home in West Palm Beach. This will determine if the caller is a potential tenant or just a contact. If they are still interested in the home, the property manager will ask a variety of questions including their name, address, reason for moving, and any special considerations.

Next, the property management team may meet with the potential tenant for a showing of the home. During this step, the property management team gauges if this tenant will fit the qualifications for renting in West Palm Beach. The potential tenant will fill out an application and the property management team will review it.  The application will include qualifications and disqualifications for lease including a criminal history, bankruptcy, or a previous eviction. The property management team will process a background check on the tenant to check criminal history and evictions.

Lastly, the property management team will call the references the tenant provided. Although the application, background, and credit check provide information on the prospective tenant nothing beats actually speaking with their references and previous landlords. The stress as an individual deciding on tenants can be unbearable, but property management in West Palm Beach is a great stress free option.