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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

Property Management in West Palm Beach: Tips on Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool maintenance and repair are among the many critical services performed by companies qualified in multi- and single-family residential property management. West Palm Beach weather allows for swimming almost all year round, making regular pool maintenance an important component of Florida property management.


  • Chlorine – The summer months see a dramatic increase in pool use, and maintenance routines respond to this increase, as well as rising water temperatures, by increasing chlorine levels. Multi-family residential communities can assure good water quality by maintaining the chlorine level at a reading of 3.0.
  • The pH level – The pH level should read between 7.4 and 7.8 ppm. The human eye, with a pH level of approximately 7.34, will be irritated by a level lower than this.
  • Alkalinity – Alkalinity should be maintained at 130 ppm, with hardness levels between 220 and 500 ppm. In community pools the stabilizer often exceeds 100 ppm, in which case you should subtract 30 ppm from your alkalinity reading to achieve a truer measurement.
  • Suntan oil build-up – Palm Beach swimming pools often see a build-up of suntan oil during peak swimming months. The use of a biodegradable enzyme will eliminate this oil and keep the water clear and clean.


Large resort-style swimming pools are often a focal point of Palm Beach residential communities and provide hours of enjoyment to residents and guests. Make sure their experience is a consistently safe and pleasant one by acquiring the services of a professional property management company in West Palm Beach to maintain your pool and property in expert condition.