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Get a FREE assessment of your rental property. Start here!

How to Avoid Vandalism and Protect Your Rental Property in Jupiter

Jupiter Rental Property with a Broken-In Door and WindowsVandalism of residential property is one of the most familiar crimes to fall on property owners in Jupiter and the neighboring districts. In fact, roughly 15% of American homes are targeted by vandals each year. Vandalism such as graffiti and smashed mailboxes can cause expensive damage to a rental home, but it also does not fulfill a tenant’s perception of security and community spirit, along with the potential detriment of property values. Hence, preventing vandalism should be the main goal for landlords and property owners alike.

One of the great methods to forbid vandalism is to install and maintain good exterior lighting. Vandals are pulled to gloomy locations, wanting to bring about their dirty work undetected. Motion sensor lights are absolutely beneficial and can be an energy-efficient selection that tenants will be happy with.

If your rental property has fences, great approaches to inhibit vandalism is to ascertain that your fences are provided with a secure gate that locks. Vandals are generally watching out for easy targets, so being forced to come up a fence or barge through a locked gate will be very essential toward barring them out of the yard.

As a natural deterrent, take into consideration planting bushes or shrubs with rough bark, thorns, or pointy leaves all throughout the property. The extra greenery will boost the exterior of your property while concurrently providing a difficult challenge to any unwanted visitors initiating an attempt to get near the home.

It may seem weird, but standard window coverings can keep the vandals away, too. Vandalism is a crime of opportunity; they will generally only assault if they see no one is in the place. Keeping the windows hooded with blinds or drapes will build hesitations about whether or not someone is in the house, particularly if a light or two is left on the whole time. It just might lead them to look for some other, easier target.

In conclusion, if vandals do strike, it’s necessary to really clean out the mess as fast as you can. These sorts of ne’er-do-wells enjoy having their handiwork seen and fussed over. If their work is left and not dealt with, they might be encouraged to simply turn back and bring about a much bigger, “better” mess. By painting over graffiti, repairing broken glass, and handling any more destruction quickly, you are fully prohibiting any vandals from ever repeating.

By undertaking these basic steps, you can prevent your Jupiter rental property from transforming into an easy target for vandals. At Real Property Management Palm Beach County, we grant full-service property management together monitoring your properties on a regular basis and arranging for repairs and maintenance should anything go wrong. If you would like more information on how to protect your home, please contact us online or by 561-408-5580 today.